Artist Statement

For as long as I can remember I have had a profound appreciation of nature’s splendor. 

It constantly teases my imagination and stimulates my creativity, while at the same time invites me to slow down and see what I overlook in my busy creative world. Nothing energizes me more or brings me a stronger connection with life than being out in nature. 

Initially I was taking more pictures of animals than anything else. I love the unexpected way animals just show up on my path and, if I am respectful and patient enough, will pose! In the last 20 years, I have been increasingly drawn to capturing images of water. The more time I spend with this medium the more I recognize water as the ultimate model for living my life. I am inspired by the immense power of water and yet how easily it flows with nature’s biggest challenges and obstacles. In some ways every mood we experience as humans is revealed in its infinite unique patterns and constantly changing diverse states: Flowing & stagnant – calm & chaotic – clear & murky – bubbly & cleansing.  

My process of capturing moving water is dynamic, just like water. I am filled with an ongoing mix of emotional states from the tension of not knowing what or whether I got what I wanted mixed with a childlike curiously and anxious anticipation to see what is being revealed beyond what I experienced. Often when I look back at what I captured, I am flooded with an enormous sense of enjoyment, surprise and, at times, sheer glee.

Another thing I enjoy about my close up water images, what I refer to as Water Magic, is what they evoke in others. The unique and mysterious shapes, shadows and character of these images spark curiosity, creativity and dynamic dialogue. I love how they can stir the viewer’s perspective, stimulate their imagination and positively influence their relationship with nature.  

I would love to hear what these images spark in you.